Villa in La Alquería, Marbella, Spain

Make a Great First Impression

Organize & Harmonize in Three Easy Steps

It is not about hiding imperfections but correcting them. Unite excellent appearances with a warm and welcoming ambiance. Today's buyers are much more refined, and it is important to present lifestyle and not just "a property", so they can imagine living in their new home from the first minutes of their visit.

Step 1: Depersonalize

- Go for neutral looks; most buyers want to visualize how their new home will look.

- Keep it lively; position a few thoughtfully selected personal items on suitable spots.

Step 2: Plan & Present

- Declutter and identify improvements.

- Try to bring out the better qualities of your home.

Step 3: Clean & Repair

- Make it bright and neat; "too much light" is not a thing!

- Repair the obvious; Fasten the loose door handle...